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  D. Barry Weir & Associates: About Us

D. Barry Weir & Associates
3921 E La Palma Ave - Suite B
Anaheim, CA 92807-1718


Our Values: Integrity - Excellence - People
The secret to our success is to help you become more successful.

Company Background

Who We Are

The Weir Team is lead by D. Barry Weir. Barry started the organization in 1986 with a core of computer and distribution industry specialists when his father semi-retired and closed Accounting Datamation Inc, a California computer services provider. The core members of our team have been working together, serving the Information Technology infrastructure needs of distributors since the early1970's. Our computer based solutions are based on both SCO-UNIX and Microsoft operating systems. However, the "Application" is the reason for using technology in your business. We are business application specialists. We have developed inovative, industry leading solutions for our clients with many "firsts", such as "real-time" accounting systems, database applications, point-of-purchase invoicing, serialized tracking of gas and chemical containers, sales forecasting systems, RFID transponder based asset tracking, serialized inventory control systems for jewelery retailers, Agribusiness crop estimating, processing, tracking and export. Job cost accounting. A design distinctive of our accounting modules is to provide the flexibility of custom software at the price points of standard modules. It was intentionally developed in a manner that makes unique customizations easy to implement and manage with minimal impact on the standard portion of the system.

Service Commitment

We believe that business is personal and that fostering personal relationships is the key to a successful implementation and on going support. Every business - even direct competitors - operates uniquely. Our objective is to provide personalized support that exceeds that of an in-house I.T. director.

Developers of: Creative Systems & Solutions

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